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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nigel Hollis » Blog Archive » Why Dump on Dell?

Nigel Hollis » Blog Archive » Why Dump on Dell?: "It’s a disturbing story, but not really a new one. Last week, Dell Computers announced a recall of the batteries in a number of their laptop PCs. The lithium-ion batteries have the potential to overheat, causing the computer to explode and catch fire. "

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Listening to Online WOM: A Primer

Listening to Online WOM: A Primer:
"By Matt Galloway In The Beginning There Was WOM... Since the dawn of time when the first Cro-Magnon grunted "Starbucks" to his cavemates, people have talked about brands, products and services. As we started walking upright, we came to call this chatter "word-of-mouth," or more recently by it acronym WOM. One of the common reactions I get from folks when I start talking about WOM and it's commercially applied derivative Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is "Don't these marketing guys know that Word-of-Mouth has been around forever?" Yes, I assure you that they do. But like our Cro-Magnon friend, WOM has evolved, and that's why among marketing types, there's a lot of WOM about WOMM. "

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google launches Trends

I predicted this would happen back in October 2005.

It was only a matter of time before Google started to trend its search and news data. As Matthew Hurst writes: -

"There are many clear uses of this particular tool, and some interesting comparisons between the results in search terms and the results in, for example, the blog or message board content space....This is sure to be a big hit in certain user groups, especially marketing and advertising communities."

Watch out Factiva, Biz360, Cymfony and NielsenBuzzMetrics!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blogs making their impact felt

Blogs making their impact felt: "The impact of blogging has reached a tipping point, argues Julian Smith, senior analyst at Jupiter Research.

This week's We Media forum was covered by the blogsAnyone studying the media over the last few months might have noticed a sudden increase in concern about the growth of consumer-created content and the impact of blogging on business."

Thursday, March 30, 2006

UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing

UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing: "The UCT Unilever Institute for Strategic Marketing will be introducing the results of their latest groundbreaking research project, the Wildfire Index, during a series of seminars in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town early in May.

A world first, the Wildfire Index is the product of an extensive independent research study conducted Research Surveys. Heralded as a breakthrough new marketing tool, the Index has been created specifically for the South African market and provides marketers with a practical tool for identifying and communicating with their brand ambassadors or 'igniters'. For the first time companies will also be able to measure the talk value of their brands.

Recognising the shift away from conventional marketing - and the shift from consumer to prosumer - the researchers on this cutting-edge project examined the power of 'word of mouth' and its impact on brands."

What if brand websites were the best drivers and proofs of Engagement?

What if brand websites were the best drivers and proofs of Engagement?: "We really applaude the leading initiative of the Advertising Research Foundation in its efforts to move the advertising industry to finally pay better attention to “consumer empowerment”, and the need to better value media and marketing in their abilities not only to distribute “contacts” but also, and more importantly, to engage consumers. "

Millward Brown starts corporate blog

Millward Brown starts corporate blog: "The real reason for setting up this blog comes back to a basic principle of marketing communication: choose the communication channel most relevant to your objective and your target audience. For us the objective is to share our point of view on topics relevant to our clients. We want to engage with the thought leaders in the marketing world, learn from them and, hopefully, contribute some new and different thoughts to the debate."

Ads to Augment Word of Mouth on Lip Balm“Iconic” Carmex to launch new flavors, lines; will advertise

Ads to Augment Word of Mouth on Lip Balm: “Iconic” Carmex to launch new flavors, lines; will advertise: "The balm's strong brand heritage and recommendations from doctors have helped it stay strong, said Anna Wang, a consultant with Kline & Co. Pharmacists have voted Carmex their No. 1 recommended lip remedy for the past eight years in trade magazine Pharmacy Times. 'What's interesting about them is they don't really do much advertising. They rely more on word of mouth,' Wang said."

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Seven rules for corporate blogging

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Seven rules for corporate blogging: "Microsoft's Robert Scoble, who cowrote a book on corporate blogging called Naked Conversations, now seems intent on turning himself into a case study for why companies shouldn't blog."

Email is dead, long live conversations

Email is dead, long live conversations: "The message is clear -- engage me in a conversation, don't just yell at me. There, I've had my rant, now I'm going back to reading Naked Conversations."

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Need Answers? - Yahoo! Buzz Log

You Need Answers? - Yahoo! Buzz Log: "Ah, the quest for knowledge. It causes scientists to slog through the jungle and peer at petri dishes. It leads philosophers and theologians to ponder serious questions, like 'what is the meaning of life.' It's why we put up with Alex Trebek. But when people really want to get answers to life's pesky questions, they turn to the Search box. "

Interestingly, at number three of the "What is...?" charts is: "What is a blog?", suggesting quite a few people don't know what they are...but are keen to find out.

How to Convince Your Boss to Launch a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Campaign: 4 Steps

How to Convince Your Boss to Launch a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Campaign: 4 Steps: "If you're working for a Fortune 1000, you may find your biggest word-of-mouth marketing challenge is building consensus that word-of-mouth is worth doing at all. Your ideas could be shot down by internal politics and naysayers. "

Bazaarvoice Integrates ''The Ultimate Question(TM)'' Into Its Customer Ratings & Reviews Solution: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Bazaarvoice Integrates ''The Ultimate Question(TM)'' Into Its Customer Ratings & Reviews Solution: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "Bazaarvoice, an innovator in helping brands use online word of mouth to build their businesses, today introduced Net Promoter, a new feature designed to extend the strategic impact of on-site ratings and reviews for customer-centric organizations. Immediately available free of charge to clients, Net Promoter allows Bazaarvoice clients to easily ask every reviewer The Ultimate Question(TM): 'Would you recommend this company to a friend?' Responses are collected and analyzed by Bazaarvoice alongside review data, giving brands precise insight into the satisfaction levels of their most influential online customers."

Monday, March 27, 2006

RED HERRING | Marketing’s Latest Buzz

RED HERRING Marketing’s Latest Buzz: "Just as the world’s governments have slowly learned to turn their electronic ears toward Internet chatter in hopes of detecting early signs of a conspiracy, companies are listening to the growing online din of consumers offering their views on everything from trans-fat to Trans-Ams. In marketing lingo, it’s known as consumer-generated media (CGM)."